Is it time for a little love? A piece that you might wear everyday needs maintenance from time-to-time. At Parker & Co, we take pride in restoring your eyewear with our elite refurbishing services.

All of our refurbishment services include deep cleaning, adjustments, tightened screws, shiny and new, and your own Parker & Co cloth to keep.

Simply pop into Parker & Co in Newmarket and let us take care of you and your eyewear, with varying levels of service based on your specific needs.

Level 1 - $85

Our expert technicians will apply one round of hand-polishing to your frames - a treatment best suited for light to medium wear and tear, dullness, and mild calcification.

Level 2 - $100

An expert from our team of technicians will apply two rounds of hand-polishing to your eyewear giving special attention to problem areas. This treatment is best suited for moderate wear and tear, moderate calcification, and minor dings and scratches.

Level 3 - $150

We take our time to provide you with specialised treatment for deep scratches, dings and blemishes. Our expert technicians will perform multiple rounds of manual polishing over multiple sittings - a treatment reserved for advanced wear, heavy calcification, and deep scratches and blemishes.

Parker & Co

9 Teed Street

Newmarket, Auckland 1023


We will need the glasses for one week, so dig out your backup pair to use while we refurbish.

Service applies to full acetate frames only.

Please note that while most frames suit this service, there is a small risk of breakage if your frame has turned brittle with age.

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