Victoria Beckham is renowned for her impeccable style and fashion sense, and her eyewear collection is no exception. The latest collection features a range of optical pieces and sunglasses that perfectly encapsulate the brand's signature style - sophisticated, structured, yet feminine and effortlessly chic.

Victoria designs pieces to empower women whilst using only the finest craftsmanship and fabrication. Expertly handmade in Italy, her eyewear combines optimum optical design with performance and protection.

You'll find a curated selection of Victoria Beckham glasses and sunglasses that are the perfect embodiment of modern sophistication at Parker and Co on Teed St in Newmarket.

Metal Aviator 2130: These classic aviator-style glasses are a nod to the timeless design, but with a modern twist. The sleek metal frame and elegant detailing of the Metal Aviator 2130 make for a refined and polished look, elevating any outfit.

Acetate 2646: With a bold, rectangular frame, the Acetate 2646 exudes confidence and sophistication. The unique pattern on the arms and the striking acetate frame are sure to turn heads.

Acetate 2640: The Acetate 2640 features a striking, angular frame that is both edgy and sophisticated. The bold lines and unique shape of the frame are a testament to Victoria Beckham's visionary approach to design.

Acetate 644S: The Acetate 644S sunglasses feature a classic square frame with a slightly oversized fit that adds a contemporary twist. The bold acetate frame and gradient lenses epitomise effortless elegance.

Aviator 233S: These aviator-style sunglasses are the epitome of understated cool with sleek metal frame and gradient lenses that make for a timeless look.

Acetate 652S: The Acetate 652S sunglasses feature a unique, angular frame that is both bold and refined. The sharp lines of the frame and the gradient lenses create a sense of modern sophistication that is perfect for those looking to make a statement.

Acetate 651S: The Acetate 651S sunglasses feature a classic rectangular frame with a unique pattern on the arms that adds a touch of personality and flair.

Victoria Beckham Eyewear is the perfect embodiment of modern elegance, with glasses and sunglasses that effortlessly blend fashion and function - and 2023’s latest collection is no exception. Find a classic pair of aviators or a bold statement piece at Parker & Co in Newmarket.  It might be the perfect time to treat yourself to a styling session too.

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