Had your eyes tested, but still looking for frames?

Have you already had your eyesight checked, but couldn’t find the right frames where you had it done? That’s absolutely fine. We have lots of customers who bring in their prescriptions from elsewhere and we’d love to help you discover your perfect frame from our internationally sourced range.

You might even enjoy booking in for one of our one-on-one Styling Sessions, where we’ll edit a selection of frames that work best for your facial structure, while reflecting your personal aesthetic. However, if you’d prefer to keep things casual, then feel free to drop by for a chat and a browse.

Once you’ve found your frame, we can make up lenses for your new glasses from the prescription you’ve provided us with.

Don’t have your prescription with you? No problem, we’ll simply contact your Optometrist for a copy on your behalf. Alternatively, if you just want to purchase the frame from us and take it back to your original Optometrist, that’s fine too. Many of our out of town customers choose to do this.

Whichever option you choose, rest assured that all of our frames leave the store with a 1 -year manufacturing warranty.

And when it comes to our lenses, you can also be confident you’re getting the best ones for your prescription. That’s the advantage of being an independent store; we aren’t tied to one supplier. In fact, we source our quality lenses from Essilor, Nikon, Zeiss, and Hoya, and they all come with UV protection, plus an anti-reflection and scratch resistant coating as standard.

On a final note, our only requirement regarding your current prescription is that it’s no more than two years old, as that’s how often most of us should get our vision checked. If it is older than this, or if you’d simply like a second opinion, then Geoff will be happy to provide you with a relaxed, up-to-date examination. To book yours, simply book online or call us.