Complimentary Maintenance

We provide a complimentary spa treatment for the lifetime of your eyewear. Simply bring your glasses into Parker and Co every three to six months and we’ll ultrasonically clean, tighten the screws and make any necessary adjustments for an optimum fit. You’ll also receive a free micro-fibre cloth with every pair of glasses purchased.

At home maintenance

We recommend you use your complimentary cloth to clean your eyewear daily. Wash your micro-fibre cloth every two weeks.

Step 1
Gently rinse your glasses under warm running water to remove any make up, grease, or sunscreen.

Step 2
Apply mild hand or facial soap to the lenses and rub in a circular motion with your fingers. Never use dishwashing liquid.

Step 3
Rinse with clean water.

Step 4
Dry with a clean micro-fibre cloth or tissue.