February 22, 2023

At Parker & Co, we seek the finest international eyewear brands to bring to New Zealand and Projekt Produkt is no exception. Projekt Produkt is a eyewear brand founded in Korea by optometrists and designers, blending the philosophy of an optometrist with the sensibility of an eyewear designer.

Their designs see Korean eyewear fashion compete with the finest European brands, and it’s our pleasure to bring you Projekt Produkt’s eyewear to Auckland. With an ethos of sophisticated exclusivity and altruistic simplicity, Projekt Produkt proudly use only the highest quality materials.

The brand’s annual collections are built from a foundation that reflects the brand essence - modern, minimal, classy and wearable. They are without pretension, and we hope that they’ll fit into your daily life with calm, poetry, and a bit of wit.

If you’re looking for Projekt Produkt’s eyewear or sunglasses in Auckland, discover the collection at Parker and Co on Teed St in Newmarket.


Projekt Produkt have devoted themselves to delivering glasses and sunglasses that understands the uniqueness of every face. We are not perfectly symmetrical, and so it was important that their eyewear artisans thoughtfully designed, introducing subtly curves with a distinctive temple that suit almost every contour of the face.

We applaud this collection for bringing together functionality and artistry, showcasing Projekt Produkt’s impressive advances in optical engineering.

Projekt Produkt FS13 and FS14 glasses


Through an in-depth study conducted by Projekt Produkt on weight distribution when worn, each piece in every collection follows a golden ratio of three physical contact points to the body known as ‘the fitting triangle.’ This concept recognises the importance of glasses and sunglasses to our everyday lives - they must be comfortable and finely tuned.

Projekt Produkt have considered the temple, nose pad, and end piece of their designs with this notion resulting in a completely versatile, tailored pair of glasses or sunglasses with their own signature curve.

Projekt Produkt FS15 glasses


Ready to find your new Projekt Produkt glasses from Parker & Co? Visit us in our Auckland store and shop the complete range, including this selection of our favourites;

Projekt Produkt Glasses
Projekt Produkt Sunglasses


To create eyewear that reflects a unique journey from concept to construction - symbolising moments in life based on the intrinsic value of eyewear. We think they’re doing a pretty good job, and can’t wait to share more with you.

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