February 18, 2021

With remote working a new norm and so many face-to-face meetings now on Zoom, your eyewear is more a focus than ever (excuse the pun). We’ve compiled some top tips on how to look your best for your next digital work meeting or job interview…

Focus on style

In considering what to wear above the waist on Zoom, (teamed with pj’s on the bottom of course!) it’s good to think newsreader style; spots, stripes and other patterned tops will not show up well on camera. Instead, choose coloured clothing to brighten your face and provide contrast to your background. Solid blocks of black or white can make you disappear into your background or make you look a little bulky.  

Your glasses style is just as important; glasses should fit with the meeting tone, more structured professional looks for formal presentations and meetings, more relaxed and casual for a catch up with the team. Unless you want people focused on your glasses rather than listening to you, like the spots and stripes rule for your choice of top, make sure they are not too distracting on screen. If it’s time for a change or your glasses are making you look tired and dated, book in for a Style Session with the Parker & Co team and we will help you get the perfect pair (or pairs) of glasses to best suit you – and your work and play environments.

Set the scene  

Presenting your best self on Zoom starts with good lighting, so increase the level of ambient light in the room to ensure you are well lit. The best lighting is facing the window, as the natural light illuminates your face in total, helping you look brighter and clearer.

Before your video meeting, test the lighting on camera to make sure the space appears bright and you start your meeting off on the right note. If you need more light to illuminate the space, place a lamp behind your computer or phone. Bad lighting can cause extra reflections on your lenses so make sure your lighting is set up correctly; move desk lamps to above your head and to the side so that you are not looking directly at the light source. If using the window as a light source, don’t sit facing away from the window which causes shadows on your face, have the window in front of you but at an angle which will reduce the amount of visible reflections bouncing off your glasses.

Another important consideration for video conferencing is your lens coatings – make sure you have lenses with a good anti-reflection coating. Here at Parker & Co, your lenses come standard with the latest anti-reflection coatings which provide a shield for natural or artificial light.

Keep it clean  

Make sure your glasses are clean before you turn on the camera – very basic, but very necessary. The camera picks up smudges and fingerprints on lenses so give them a good clean. Use your microfibre cleaning cloth rather than your shirt, and don’t forget to pop your microfibre cloth in the wash every few weeks to keep it clean and grit free.  

Top tip: make sure your glasses are sitting straight, there is nothing as distracting as seeing colleagues on a call with crooked glasses. If you have purchased your glasses from us, remember you have complimentary cleaning and adjustments of your glasses for the life of your frame. So drop in anytime and we will give your glasses an ultra-sonic spa bath for a deluxe clean, check the screws and fit as well as make any adjustments required for the perfect fit.  

Finally, just like your lenses, make sure your background is clean too, nobody wants to see your breakfast dishes!

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