There is nothing more frustrating than having beautiful sunglasses or optical eyewear that is too tight and pinches or loose and constantly slip off your face. Great eyewear should suit your style – but also fit perfectly and be super comfortable.

When you purchase your eyewear each piece comes from the manufacturers aligned to what is called ‘factory fit’ – a standard width and a standard temple bend. However, we are all individual and our head shapes, noses, eyebrows and ears are all are unique, meaning glasses will fit differently on each person.

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To create your perfect fit, our trained and qualified dispensing optician team will customise your sunglasses and glasses to your face.

This customisation ensures they won’t slide down your nose when you are busy doing those important things in life, they won’t give you a headache behind your ears because they are too tight – and they won’t sit crooked on your face, because most of us have one ear that is higher than the other. If the frames have nose pads, these will be adjusted to sit alongside your nose comfortably to not leave unsightly red marks.  

We do understand that just like a great pair of denim or beloved cashmere jumper, eyewear can stretch out of shape because we wear them so frequently. This can also be exacerbated by popping them on our heads, occasionally dropping them, not always keeping them in the case and through general wear and tear; all things that contribute to glasses getting out of shape.

That’s why with your purchase we also provide “Lifetime of the Frame, Complimentary Adjustments”. To enjoy our complimentary service, simply drop your Parker & Co purchased eyewear to us as often as you want to have the glasses or sunglasses re-aligned, ultrasonically cleaned, tightened and refitted.  

The result: beautiful eyewear that is both great fitting and comfortable, for the life of your eyewear.