Join us on an exclusive journey as Lynne and Geoff Parker, owners of Parker & Co, Auckland-based eyewear and optometry store, embark on an exciting buying trip to Hong Kong. Discover the highlights of their trip, from exploring vibrant districts to experiencing impeccable hospitality and previewing the latest eyewear collections from Celine, Dior and Loewe.

Day 1: An Arrival in Style

Lynne and Geoff were welcomed to Hong Kong by Thelios, part of LVMH, who represent luxury eyewear brands Celine, Dior and Loewe; ready to showcase new collections that could be brought back to New Zealand.

Image credit: Rosewood Hotel, Hong Kong

Our founders stayed at the luxurious Rosewood hotel, an exquisite property connected to the K11 shopping mall, offering breathtaking views of the iconic Hong Kong harbour. From seamless airport transfers to impeccable service, every aspect of their stay at the Rosewood was exceptional. Thoughtful touches like finding a lens cleaner cloth alongside their glasses, and the restaurant staff remembering their coffee orders really made them feel special.

Exploring the Vibrant City

After a relaxing morning by the pool, Lynne and Geoff ventured into the K11 Musea shopping mall, indulging in a stroll through its stylish boutiques. They then took a leisurely walk along the Avenue of Stars waterfront promenade, admiring the picturesque Victoria Harbour view - there is also a nightly 8pm light show that illuminates Hong Kong's skyline and is not to be missed!

A visit to Canton Road, the popular shopping street known for luxury brands, was a must. They dined at Ding Tai Fung, a hidden gem renowned for its delicious Xiao Long Bao dumplings and fried rice. The restaurant, located in the Silvercord building, had a captivating, understated charm alongside its culinary delights.

In the afternoon, Lynne and Geoff hopped on the MTR and headed to Central, the bustling financial district of Hong Kong. In great news, post-Covid, the infamous giant rubber ducks have also made a return to the harbour and are viewable from this side of the city. They explored Central Mid Levels, walking up the iconic Escalator and making a quick stop at Tai Koon, a newly revitalised attraction in an old police station, for a refreshing drink in the courtyard.

[Photo credit: Hongkong.explore]

Their next stop was the Peak Tram station, where they embarked on a breathtaking journey to Victoria Peak, witnessing the stunning sunset and enjoying panoramic views of Hong Kong.

Not forgetting dinner, Lynne and Geoff recommend dining at one of Central’s restaurants, Mott 32 for modern Chinese cuisine or Kyoto Joe's Japanese delicacies. Push through the jet lag and experience the vibrant nightlife in Lan Kwai Fong, the famous entertainment district.

At the end of the night, they travelled back to the hotel via the Star Ferry, a charming little 15 minute ride across the harbour on old fashioned ferry boats.

Day 2: Unveiling the Latest Collections

After an early breakfast, Lynne and Geoff spent the day immersed in the world of eyewear, previewing the upcoming collections from renowned luxury brands including Celine, Dior, and Loewe. We are so excited to bring these to the shelves of Parker and Co. in time for the Christmas holiday season in 2023.

In the evening, Lynne and Geoff joined the Thelios team for a delightful dinner at Hutong, a Chinese restaurant with an impressive venue thanks to its handcrafted wood panelling, red silk glowing lanterns, a traditional wishing tree, and desirable views of the Hong Kong harbour and skyline.  To eat? They indulged in the best Peking Duck they claim to have ever tasted; air-dried for 36 hours and infused with Sichuan green chillies, star anise, ground black pepper and homemade chilli paste. The flaming duck is then roasted for forty minutes before it is set alight (in front of you, so watch your eyebrows!) with Chinese rose wine and rum, adding aromatics to the whole experience.

Day 3: Exploring Eyewear

Before bidding farewell to the enchanting city of Hong Kong, Lynne and Geoff enjoyed a refreshing morning by the pool before visiting local eyewear stores, exploring the latest trends and designs to bring back to New Zealand. Already, it was time to head to the airport and return home, with memories fresh from a special trip.

Join us at Parker and Co. as we eagerly await the arrival of new eyewear collections from Celine, Dior and Loewe, curated by Lynne and Geoff Parker, and inspired by their buying trip to Hong Kong. Stay tuned for new arrivals over on our Instagram.

What we packed

For meetings with Thelios, glasses were required! Lynne took her Celine Cl50122F in black and Dior Gem Dioro B1U  in gold  glasses. Poolside, Lynne wore her Paula Ibiza Loewe sunglasses and her Dior Wildior S3u sunglasses in tort were perfect companions when out and about.

All kept  safe and secure in the Blush Garrett Leight travel case - fantastic to have if you are a regular traveller.

Clothing-wise, Lynne’s go to favourite piece at the moment is her Gentlemen blazer by Masha for wear in the malls and at meetings, as the airconditioning is impressively chilly.  Her black satin wide leg pants from Flo and Frankie are a great capsule piece to take on holiday, and were teamed with a t-shirt for day time, cami top for evening, and with a blazer for meetings.  These are also  non-wrinkle for plane travel  which is always a bonus. Lynne switched up her eyewear and lipstick to create different looks.  

For the skin, Lynne’s Emma Lewisham travel kit was a lifesaver for a quick trip as it had all the essentials in refillable travel sizes.

Geoff packed his Cutler and Gross 9325 black optical glasses, his new aviators from Projekt Produkt, his Moscot Lemtosh sunglasses and the Cutler and Gross 1341; all tucked up nice and safe in a Moscot eyewear travel case in black.

Clothing-wise, Geoff’s Theory pants and Cos t-shirts were his staple wardrobe mixed up with a few linen shirts from Asuwere. Sneaker shopping was incredible in Hong Kong so he topped up his collection - keep an eye out for the hot pink Michael Jordan's next time you have an eye test with him!

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