Viva magazine has a few recommendations for combatting some of the less desired effects of ageing, and Parker and Co can definitely help you with tip number one.

Viva Wage War on Ageing

Viva magazine has some fab tips for ageing with grace (for the whole piece hit their website), and tip number one is right up our alley. Author Lisa Armstrong advises us that framing your face makes all the difference…

“Your face, bless it, deserves decent glasses. Whether you only wear them when you’re in the middle of the Gobi Desert or you need major ocular help locating your bedside table in the morning, glasses are as much a style investment as a health one. Fashion is your ally here. Trends in glasses move at a glacial pace so investing in a fashionable pair will ensure you look current for some time to come. Opt for bold statements — they hide a multitude of dark bags — and cats’ eye frames contour the face upwards. Dark, chunky frames shouldn’t work with pale or grey hair. But they do.”

Well, at Parker and Co, we are more than happy to help you out with this recommendation. We have a great range of spectacles and sunglasses to help you celebrate ageing with style and grace.

We have some beautiful chunky frames from one of our favourite brands, Gentle Monster. These bold frames are perfect for making a statement, and come in some striking dark colours, perfect for complementing paler hair.

Gentle Monster Collage

We also have a great selection of cats’ eye frames. Barton Perreira and Tom Ford do cats’ eye spectacles like no one else, and in a variety of colours – some more subtle and some more adventurous. Our staff can help you find the perfect style and colour to suit you, to frame your face as beautifully as possible.

Cats Eye BP TF

Pop into the store at Nuffield St and have a chat with our staff to see what frames can help to freshen your look!

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