We have a whole host of classy new sunglasses at Parker and Co, from sought-after Italian brand Persol. “Per il sole” (for the sun), Persol combines timeless style with an adventurous spirit.

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Famously worn by Steve McQueen, Persol is known for its classic style, durable frames, and is coveted by military pilots, racing drivers, and movie stars alike. The new collections maintain a timeless style unique to Persol, with contemporary innovations that ensure these beautiful Italian frames are always front-runners in the world of eyewear. Persol stands for excellence and refined elegance.

Initially designed in Turin in 1917, Giuseppe Ratti wanted to make technically advanced glasses to satisfy the demands of pilots and sports drivers, who required comfort, protection, and optimal vision. In the 1980s, these frames took part in several expeditions to test their lenses at high altitudes and in the desert. These tests verified their performance in extreme conditions, so if the idea of adventure speaks to your spirit, Persol may have the perfect frames for you!

Pop into Parker and Co soon to check them out!

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