December 12, 2023

Sometimes, your glasses and sunglasses need a bit of TLC, and we’re here to help! At Parker & Co, we’re not just about selling eyewear; we want to help keep your precious pieces in the best shape possible. From eye tests to custom fittings and complimentary services, this is our ultimate guide to keeping your frames in perfect condition. 


Annual eye examinations are essential, serving not only to test your vision but also to evaluate whether your current  lenses are still right for you. We provide 45-minute examinations where Geoff or Raewyn will give insights into your eye health and customise your prescription to suit your lifestyle. Their relaxed approach to this session makes it feel less like a test, and more like a treat for the eyes.


We believe that eyewear is not only functional but a seamless extension of your style and reflects who you are. At Parker & Co, we offer complimentary, no-obligation, one-on-one styling sessions. During a styling session, our team of experts will assess your bone structure to select frames that enhance your features. Your style preferences and budget are also taken into careful consideration. Ready to discover the perfect pair? Give us a call to book your styling session today! 


Nothing is more distracting than having the perfect pair pinch or slip off your nose. Our qualified dispensing optician team will tailor your sunglasses and glasses to your face to ensure this won't happen. So be assured that the eyewear you select from us will not just align with your aesthetic preferences but will also be a comfortable fit that you can wear with ease. 


After some time spent wearing your perfect pair, they’ll need a little extra care. Extend the life of your glasses and sunglasses with our complimentary maintenance service. We’ll ultrasonically clean, tighten screws and make adjustments so your frames continue to be an optimum fit.


Be kind to the environment and bring in your worn glasses for refurbishment instead of buying new ones. We provide refurbishment for all acetate frames and sunglasses. Our services include frame buffing, deep cleaning, tightening screws and adjustments. Offering three levels of service, from one round of hand-polishing to multiple rounds, we address everything from light wear to heavy calcification. 


  • DO clean your eyewear often to keep it looking sharp and clear. Running them under lukewarm water with hand or facial soap will remove makeup, grease, or sunscreen. Once you’ve rinsed them, you’ll want to dry them with a good quality tissue and polish with your microfibre cloth. 
  • DO give your cloth a little clean every now and then. Handwash or pop it in the machine - just remember not to use fabric softener.
  • DO store your glasses properly. It’s easy to put them down on the countertop but doing this can increase the risk of them getting damaged. They should be stored in a hard case when you’re not wearing them. 
  • DON’T suffer from unnecessary scratches on your eyewear. Why use shirts, paper towels or random fabric to clean your glasses when you have a cleaning cloth? 
  • DON’T let your eyewear get too hot or it can get damaged. Leaving it on the front seat or dashboard of your car is a big no-no. Just like kids and dogs, your sunnies deserve a cool spot!
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