Why Gifting Quality over Quantity is really worth the effort

Our consumerism seems to amplify over the Christmas season and unfortunately it can mean consumption can become the focus of Christmas. Plenty of marketing tells us the bigger the pile of presents the more happiness there will be.

Something we’ve been thinking a lot about at Parker & Co, is the real shift in moving from gift giving focused around quantity to quality. This is not only a lot more sustainable (we really don’t need more gifts ending up in the landfill in a few months) but we think it also helps with that Christmas Shopping Stress.

Imagine the impact if our spending was shifted to high-quality, consciously made products that will last years or a lifetime, instead of disposable, cheap plastic goods with questionable origins!

So we’re been thinking carefully about gifting style and quality over throwaway – which may require a little extra effort, but surely that’s worth it!

We believe in each piece of eyewear we sell being of the utmost quality:

  • The Glasses and sunglasses instore we carefully select due to their quality materials and exacting craftsmanship.
  • We provide aftercare and cleaning of each piece of eyewear for its lifetime (to help take better care of the beautiful things we have)

So this Christmas, let’s try to focus on giving quality over quantity! So if that means a gorgeous pair of glasses perfectly matched with your loved one’s personality (and their bone structure), come in and see us instore…

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