Anne et Valentin is one of our favourite brands. With gorgeous French styling, a beautiful command of colour, and an endless selection of flattering, enduring styles, Anne et Valentin have a beautiful selection of playful feminine frames. But at the moment, what we are really excited about is their men’s collection!

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Though you might be mistaken for sometimes thinking so, there is no such rule that men always have to wear serious (let’s be honest: boring) frames. Anne et Valentin have a wonderful selection of frames for the man who doesn’t shy away from a bit of boldness or colour when it comes to his specs. At Parker and Co, we love to find frames that help you to express yourself while making a statement, and our new Anne et Valentin men’s arrivals do just that. They are stylish, unique frames, with a whimsical vibe that allow you to express your personality without saying anything at all.

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While their creations are original, colourful, and lively, they are, above all, objects that combine ergonomics, technical requirements, and respect for those who wear them. If you are getting restless with your current frames and feel like updating to a new look that stands out a little more, then make sure you come and check out our collection of Anne et Valentin men’s frames at Parker and Co.


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